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Canyoning Bali Indonesia, Conquer the Ravine and Descend Waterfall

Canyoning Bali Indonesia, Conquer the Ravine and Descend Waterfall

Looking for the more challenging activity? Have you ever heard the adventure of Canyoning Bali Indonesia? The outdoor activity that will take adventure the wilderness of nature by conquering the ravine and descending waterfalls.

Canyon in North Bali

Waterfall Adventure Bali
Waterfall Adventure Bali

The hills and valleys in the highland of Bali are perfect for Canyoning Bali Adventure. Full of excitements in abseiling down waterfalls, jumping from the cliffs into deep pools and swim along rapids.

Canyoning Adventure is more fun than rafting because offering more much challenges and obstacles. You will conquer it all by techniques and safety equipment.

Bali Canyoning Tour

Canyoning Bali Review
Waterfall Adventure Bali

Generally, Bali Canyoning Tour will takey you from waterfalls to cliff jumps and even rapids. Along the routes of adventure, your eyes will be spoiled the wonderful scenery of shady nature.

It’s really peaceful and far from the crowd.

There are 3 canyoning package that you choose in North Bali exactly Gitgit, namely:

1. Kalimudah Canyon

Kalimudah Canyon
Kalimudah Canyon

The canyon route that features jumps (up to 8 meters), calm swims, natural slides, and rappels (up to 15 meters). All of obstacles are very recommended for novice.

2. Kerenkali Canyon

Kerenkali Canyon
Kerenkali Canyon

If you have ever got canyoning experience before, choose this one. This canyon offers 2 distinct parts: the first part is a series of jumps, slides, and short rappel in a gorge.

The second part offer more thrilling of swims, jumps (up to 10 meters), and also rappels in beautiful waterfall (approximately 26 meters). All those are more fun.

3. Kali Kecil Canyon

Kali Kecil Canyon
Kali Kecil Canyon

This canyon is suitable as family tour in a short time. Your children (from 8 years old) may also join with you.

Although, it is categorized as the easiest but it offer much fun like the both of spot above in wonderful nature.

Interest to have the excitements? Contact us to look for Bali Canyoning Tour Package.

Have a safe and fun adventure with us!!


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