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Thrilling Outdoor Activity of Bali Canyoning Tour

Besides rafting, nature waterways in Bali Island also is very suitable to getting another fun activity that is Bali Canyoning Tour. Perhaps, a few of you have ever heard this adventure. It is an outdoor activity which will take you to explore a wilderness of hidden nature.

By complete safety canyoning equipment, you will be involved to conquer various kind of challenging natural obstacles. Before starting, hire a professional guide if you have no experience. Don’t be reckless to adventure, caused it is really extreme and dangerous.

For the canyoning spot, Bali Island has several the popular spot to get a worthy canyoning adventure namely: Kerenkali, Wanagiri, Sambangan, and also Gitgit. Most of them is located in the northern of Bali which offers a beautiful nature scenery and also fresh atmosphere that be far away of crowd.

This adventure is truly fun and memorable. Caused it will take to have a jump in several cascades (up to 8 meters - optional), climbing on the canyon wall, and even rappelling from the ledge of waterfall. You can imagine how thrilling this adventure of Canyoning Bali Indonesia is!

Canyoning Adventure

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