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The Most Recommended Activity in Canyon of Bali

What is the activity you want to try in Bali? Rafting along the river? Or maybe trekking on the mount? The both is indeed worthy in the God Island.

However, for you who are bored for those activities. It’s time to try other selection of activity. Canyoning Ubud Bali Adventure is activity that you should have in the island next!

Bali Canyoning Adventure


Canyoning Trekking Bali

Canyoning adventure is an extreme activity that will take place along the rapids, canyon, and waterfalls. Variety of techniques will be done to conquer all of nature obstacles.

Such as: rappelling the waterfall, jumping off the cliff, swimming into natural pool, and also fun slides.

Canyoning Waterfall Bali

Canyoning Bali Adventure

Gitgit is a perfect site in North Bali that provides gorges and rapids. It’s surrounded by shady and stunning nature and very suitable for you who like the challenges.  

There are three Bali Canyoning Tour that you may choose in there, namely: Kalimudah Canyon, Keren Kali Canyon, and Kali Kecil Canyon.

Kalimudah and Kali Kecil canyons are suitable for you who haven’t experienced. All of the obstacles are thrilling enough and surely will make your holiday more memorable.

Want to have? Let’s go with us!!

Canyoning Adventure

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