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Scream Loudly on Thrilling Canyoning Adventure of North Bali

Scream Loudly! That's how people react when trying to jump down from the peak of waterfall. Imagine how thrilling it is! But don’t be prejudiced because it isn’t a suicide actions. But it’s a Canyoning North Bali Adventure.

You should try this one adventure when visiting Bali Island. This canyoning adventure will really make you want to scream loudly. And will take place in waterfall spot exactly in North Bali which provides many amazing waterfall points.

This adventure will take you to get a many actions. Start from climbing on the cliff, trekking along on the rocky track of waterfall, and also swimming in the nature pool under waterfall.

But the most thrilling is when you are arriving on waterfall point which requires to jump down from on the canyon. It will truly shake your adrenaline and make you scream loudly!

Nevertheless, before trying this adventure surely you’re required to have the complete equipment of canyoning activity such as helm, life-jacket, rope, hanger, and even a canyoning special guide.

It aims to avoid the serious injury during the adventure of Water Canyoning Bali. Never forget to always prioritize your safety when doing this adventure.

Canyoning Adventure

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