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Review of Thrilling Bali Canyoning Adventure

Thrilling and Challenging!

Two suitable words to describe the adventure of Canyoning Bali Review. How not! You can imagine how the feeling if jumping down from the top of waterfall. Surely it can hit your adrenaline rush.

Not only jumping down from the top of waterfall. There are many activities more which you will get in this adventure like climbing. The climbing activity here is done on the wall of the canyon. It’s probably more challenging than most cliff.

Caused the wall of canyon is usually more moist and mossy so as it gives a slippery effect on your footrest. Therefore, it makes us have to be careful in every the step.

Besides climbing and jumping, this activity also requires you to swim in river track and also slide on the rocks with water flows.

Although this Water Canyoning Bali Adventure is fun and thrilling but you should prioritize your safety by using the safety canyoning equipment namely helm, swimsuit, hanger, rope, life jacket, and so on.

The guide or coach also should be hired to accompany and help you if get a trouble. So your adventure can be done safely.

Canyoning Adventure

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