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Outstanding Canyon Exploration in Kalimudah Spot

Canyoning Discovery in Bali – an adventure that is designed for those who want to have incredible and challenging in wilderness of Bali Island. This outdoor activity will take to explore canyon rapid and descend waterfall. Whole of trip will surely create much memorable memories.

Waterfall Adventure Bali

Adventure in Kalimudah

Kalimudah is site where all it going on and offer much funs of natural slides, swim, jump (up to 5m – optional), and also rappel (15 m). Its obstacles is form naturally and you can see along cliffs of volcano rocks.

There are sundry of nature scenery that will accompany you during the adventure such as tropical trees and green plantation that overgrow on cliff. Meanwhile, you may also breathe the freshness and calmness of its atmosphere.

Canyoning Trekking Bali

What to Prepare!

In case you are beginner or have no experience, should book canyoning excursion of adventure tour provider in Bali. It will make you adventure safer by full canyoning equipment, guide to accompany, and even pick up or drop off service.

Meanwhile, you must remember to prepare your physical condition, health, able to swim, and also spirit to adventure.

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Canyoning Adventure

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