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Fun Adventure Discovery in Kalimudah Canyon

What do you think when hearing “Bali Island”? A paradise to find various kind of authentic cultures and unique arts? Yup, it’s truly right! This one island is indeed well-known for its culture and arts.

However, besides a reason above! This island also has a natural spot to get an excellent outdoor activity. The one you can try is Kalimudah Canyoning Adventure, a fun escapade which will be held along waterways of wilderness.

This adventure is a combination of several sports namely climbing, swimming, and rappelling. It sounds so extreme! Hence, take a guide and prepare a full safety equipment before.

Kalimudah spot take places in an untouched point of north Bali that offers beautiful atmosphere. It is an exciting opportunity for getting a memorable experience while enjoying Bali’s nature.

You will get few extreme actions in there. Start from gliding on natural slider, swimming, having jumps (up to 8m), and also even rappelling (up to 15m). It’s really so thrilling and challenging!

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