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Canyoning Bali Review in Gitgit Waterfall

Canyoning Bali Review – Most of people know more Bali for its cultures or arts but this God Island is also worthy to discover challenging and fun experience in different way namely Canyoning or better known as Canyoneering Adventure.

abseiling and canyoning in bali

Although canyoning adventure is categorized as new adventure trip in Bali but there are much people who get curious to try it especially for those who like extreme adventure. Perhaps you should also try it when visiting the island!

The upland in North’s Bali is the best points to get this adventure, caused it has many waterfalls with canyon that be suitable to have its fun. The most popular is Gitgit Waterfall that take places in the north end of island (take time approximately 2 hours from Denpasar City).

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This adventure is more challenging than wall climbing caused it isn’t not only involving you in one activity but several actions namely: climbing, jumping, swimming, sliding, and also rappelling along waterways.

All those are quite extreme, hence you are required to apply full safety equipment and take an expert guide. So, you should book a canyoning excursion before.

Meanwhile, your stamina and health must also be considered before, because Gitgit Waterfall provides a fairly long route with a height of around 22 meters.

It sounds really fun! Are you interested to get Canyoning Bali Gitgit Adventure?

Canyoning Adventure

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