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What Must Bring in Canyoning Bali Adventure Tour

Do you know about Bali canyoning adventure tour? It is a tour which challenge you to explore along natural routes where get through river, rapid, cliff, and also waterfall.

Along the route, you must do various activities namely: scrambling, rappelling, abseiling, hiking, jumping, and swimming to conquer all thrilling obstacles.

In the tour package usually includes; hotel transfer, vegan breakfast and lunch, full canyoning equipment, and a certified instructor to accompany.

Before booking the tour, you must surely know about what to bring as follows.

  1. A Set of Clothes

    Canyoning Tour in Bali

As above, the canyoning tour will involve you in water activity. It will make your clothes become wet. You don’t want to wear wet clothes to return back, right?

Hence, you should prepare a set of clothes such as a shirt and a pant for changing. All of them can be provided from your place and bring them in the backpack.

  1. Towel

    Canyoning Adventure in Bali

Besides a change of clothes, you shouldn’t also forget to bring a towel. Most of the tour packages by adventure provider in Bali don’t includes the towel inside it.

It will make you trouble in skin to dry after taking a shower. So, don’t forget to bring this item.

  1. Waterproof Camera

    Adventure Canyoning in Bali Island

During the adventure, there are a lot of memorable moments that happens. You should bring a camera in order to save all those moments.

It’s recommended to choose a waterproof type to let you freely capture all moment particularly in water area.

Okay, that’s all you must prepare to bring in Canyoning Adventure. Perhaps you want to try the tour, find out each spots on Canyoning Trips.

Canyoning Adventure

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