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Canyon of Fire Bali, the Most Extreme Adventure in Bali

There are many adventures that you can in Bali Island, such as rafting, tubing, and trekking. In addition, Bali Island has also an adventure that you must try when visiting this Island. It names Canyoning Adventure or also known as canyoneering, an outdoor activity that will take you descend waterfall and explore descend.

This adventure offers many levels start from easiest to most difficult.

Canyoning Bali Review

Canyon of Fire Bali

Canyon of Fire Bali is the most extreme level of canyoning adventure and indeed designed for the true adventurer. This will take place on the wilderness of Bali Nature where you may get new experience and create many memorable and lovely memories during in Bali. 

Exactly at Tukad Api (Balinese for Canyoning of Fire) where all fun will start, it features rappelling (up to 50 meters), jumping (up to 4 meters), Sliding (up to 6 meter), and also swimming (up to 50 meters). All those are truly incredible to get many thrilling and challenging sensation.

What to require!

In order to can complete this canyon of fire level, you should have a few preparations, such as

  • Good physical condition or good health
  • Able to swim in 50 meters.
  • Full Canyoning Equipment such as Helmets, Shoes, Socks, Wetsuits, Canyoning Harness, and Gloves.
  • Spirit to adventure.

If you book a canyoning packages on adventure tour packages, they usually have prepared all full canyoning equipment and the guide to accompany you.

Canyoning Trekking Bali

Items that you shouldn’t forget!

Besides preparation above, you shouldn’t also forget several mandatory items, namely:

  • Change of clothes for after the adventure, caused this canyoning activity will take you to wet your body.
  • Waterproof action camera, along the adventure will be created many beautiful and fun moment surely you don’t want to lose. Hence, waterproof camera will help you to save and capture all those.

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