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Best Bali Adventure in the Gorge, Canyon, and Waterfall

Looking for the Best Adventure in Bali? God Island is indeed popular for the awesome nature, there are a lot of adventure activities that may be had in this island. One of most recommended is canyoning adventure.

Have you ever heard this adventure? Canyoning or canyoneering is thrilling activity that will take place in the outdoor of nature exactly along the hidden gorges, canyon, and waterfall.

Best Adventure in Bali

Best Adventure in Bali

This adventure is good selection for you who like to conquer the challenges or want to spend the time in nature spot. Sundry of obstacles will wait in there.

Where you must require to do variety of actions for conquering it. Jumping from the cliff, swimming in natural pool, natural a few natural slides, and also rappelling in waterfall. The excitements that will create interesting experience and unforgotten memories in Your Holiday.

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Where to do!

Abseiling and Canyoning in Bali

Gitgit is a point in North Island which offer many good gorges and waterfall for canyoning.

For those who are novice or have no experience, tremendously advised to choose the beginner spots namely; Kalimudah Canyon, Keren kali Canyon, and Kali Kecil Canyon.

Those spots is surrounded by fabulous nature, it will truly spoil your eyes during the adventure. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is also very fresh and cool by the existence of many tropical around it.

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Let’s adventure!

Canyoning Adventure

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