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Bali Canyoning Adventure Tour: Exploring the Hidden Wilderness

Have you known about Bali Canyoning Adventure Tour? That’s an extreme tour that challenges you to conquer and explore the wilderness of nature.

You will be involved in many thrilling activities namely: scrambling, rappelling, abseiling, river hiking, cliff jumping, and swimming.

All those are held along hidden nature route, where also get through some parts of river, rapids, gorges, and waterfalls.

The tour is really designed for true adventurer and you shouldn’t miss it when leaving the island.

Canyoning Tour in Bali

Bali Canyoning Adventure

Perhaps you want to try the adventure! We provide some of canyoning tours in Bali, which they are feasible for the beginner – professional.

The following are list of our canyoning tour packages with complete prices.

  • Aling Gorge – Price: USD $270 / IDR 4.050.000
    Feasible for explorer/adventurous/aquatic
  • Anahata Canyon – Price: USD $270 / IDR 4.050.000
    Feasible for explorer/adventurous/technical
  • Maha Dewa Canyon – Price: USD $200 / IDR 3.000.000
    Feasible for adventurous, adrenaline-seeking, high-vertical lovers
  • Shakti Canyon - Price: USD $185 / IDR 2.775.000
    Feasible for beginner/fun/sporty
  • Shakti Mudah Canyon – Price: USD $120 / IDR 1.800.000
    Feasible for discovery/beginner
  • Shiva Canyon – Price: USD $140 / IDR 2.100.000
    Feasible for discovery/beginner/anyone
  • Tamata Canyon – Price: USD $235 / IDR 3.525.000
    Feasible for explorer/ adventurous/ technical

For more detail about each above, you can find out it on category “Canyoning Trips” on the top of website page!

Inclusions in Tour Packages

Adventure in Tamata Canyon Bali

All the packages include some proper facilities and good service as follows.

  • Return Transfer (anywhere place in Bali).
  • Vegan breakfast and lunch at our basecamp.
  • TOP CE-standard canyoning equipment such as: Shoes, Canyoning Harness, wetsuit, helmet, neoprene socks.
  • ICOpro-certified instructor and assistant instructor.
  • ICOpro Canyoneer initiation certification.
  • Free download of ICOpro Canyoneer manual - free photos.

What to Bring

Canyoning Adventure in Bali Shiva Canyon

Before adventuring, there are items you should prepare such as:

  • Good physical.
  • A set of clothes (change after finishing the adventure).
  • Extra Cash money.
  • SD Card, as for saving your free photos.

How to Book Canyoning Tour

Canyoning Adventure in Maya Dewa Canyon Bali

Perhaps you want to book or ask any questions about the tour. Please, make it ease via email or whatsapp as listed below!

Have a fun canyoning tour with us!

Canyoning Adventure

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