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Awesome Canyoning Experience in Kalimudah and Kali Kecil

Kalimudah and Kali Kecil Canyoning – awesome natural point to getting a thrilling experience of canyoning. This canyoning take places on North Bali that is popular for many its wondrous waterfall.

In case you plan to have a tour in northern of God Island. Don’t forget to enter this fun adventure into list of What to Do! It’s guaranteed will make your vacation more excellent and memorable.

For you who haven’t known regarding canyoning or canyoneering. It is a sport adventure that will take you to descend a canyon or ravine and follow its waterways flow.

For this canyoning adventure in Kalimudah and Kalikecil, it will take time approximately 3.5 hours and do several extreme activities starting from 10 rappels up to 15 m, 6 jumps (up to 8 m – optional), 4 slides (up to 6 – optional), and even swim up to 20 m.

It’s really pumping adrenaline rush and will make you want to scream loudly. Meanwhile, make sure you have hired Canyoning Bali Ubud Guide before leaving!

Canyoning Adventure

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