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4 Amazing Spots to Go Canyoning Adventure in Bali Island

Go Canyoning Bali | Have a vacation in Bali Island is probably a dream for most of people. This God Island has many the wonderful attractiveness which will be ready to spoil you. One of attractiveness in Bali is its charming nature points.

The visitors generally have two intention during visiting the nature points of Bali. The first is to getting the place to refresh their mind or just relax and the second is to getting the place to adventure especially canyoning adventure.

Canyoning Adventure is an outdoor sport which will take you to explore the untouched nature spot exactly in the waterfall between canyon and the river. This adventure challenge you to do extreme actions like climbing on the nature wall-side, jump down from the peak of cascade, swim in the nature pool, and many more.

If you are interested enough to get canyoning adventure in Bali. You may choose the following amazing canyoning spots, namely:

  • Kerenkali Canyon

    It is right spot to get canyoning adventure especially for the beginners. There are a few of obstacles which will you face. And you must pass it by jumping, sliding, and rappelling. The levels of its difficulty are also different. So, you determine the right one for you.
  • Wanagiri

    This spot is a challenging spot to get canyoning adventure and also known as the canyon of fire. Its track is really amazing, you will descend the canyon among the tropical rainforest. Several waterfalls also will wait you in this spot, one of them names Banyumala Waterfall.
  • Sambangan

    This canyoning spot is truly far of crowd and be appropriate for those who want to get an untouched nature spot. There are many difficult track which you will see in there such as mossy and high canyon.
  • Gitgit

    This is the most popular canyoning spot in Bali Island which offer a picturesque waterfall. You can get a North Bali Adventure while enjoying the scene of Gitgit Waterfall. The atmosphere in there is indeed different and comfortable. It will surely make you feel at home lingering for adventure.

How? Are you interested to visit one of those canyoning spots? However, before having this adventure. You should book a canyoning trip packages on adventure tour provider in Bali Island. In order to your adventure is going on safely.

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